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You have the power to save lives.

5000 first aid kits for Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the civil defense needs 50,000 first aid kits. These are intended to immediately stop bleeding from war wounds.

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Citizen movement of the Annecy, Annecy Solidarité Ukraine is made up of 380 volunteers.

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Pharmaciens sans Frontières Rhône-Alpes is a humanitarian association created in 1994. It is the financial guarantor of 5000 kits.

Together we will create, assemble, ship and distribute 5000 first aid kits in Ukraine.

Your donations will be used to purchase the medical components of the kits. Delivery to Ukraine is already fully funded.

A donation of 1€ = 1€ for Ukraine.

Exemple de kit de secours d'Annecy Solidarité Ukraine

A paritipory project

Annecy Solidarité Ukraine - 5000 kits - Projet Participatif

Made up of people from different backgrounds, Annecy Solidarité Ukraine combines talents. Our volunteers actively contribute to each project. Their work is fully participatory and free. During the first five months of the war, their work amounted to more than 15,000 volunteer hours!

Annecy Solidarité Ukraine  allows everyone to feel able to be "usefull for others"

A regional project.

Montagne Annecy

Annecy Solidarité Ukraine will assemble the kits in Haute-Savoie.

Pharmaciens Sans Frontière Rhône-Alpes is in Savoie.

The local authorities, companies and private donors which finance 5000 kits are mostly located in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.


Our Partners

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PSF Rhône-Alpes

Financial partner of 5000 kits for Ukraine.

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Annecy Ukraine

The association is in cahrge of local refugies. Learn more

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Rotary Annecy

Rotary brings its expertise in food collection. Learn more

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Association KPI

Expert on first aid kits. Learn more

Seforest Meythet


Logistic Partner. Learn more

Logo Lyon Ukraine

Association Lyon Ukraine

We share transportation and information. Learn more

Our Partner in Ukraine

Logo Chambre de Commerce Ukraine

We work closely with the Ivano-Frankivsk Chamber of Commerce. Its logistics hub allows us to deliver all our collections to all cities in Ukraine.

That's what we did for our operations 500 kids, Kharkiv and our first 11 vans.

Our "Victories"

1st convoy

ASU 1er convoi

March 2022 :

11 vans, 150 m3 of donations.

Annecy 2022

Annecy Festivale 2022

June 2022 :

Organization and reception of a delegation of 15 Ukrainian festival-goers.



May 2022 :

800 food rations + 2 paletts of médical aid.

500 Kids - Poltava

500 Kids

July 2022 :

10 tons of food aid for 500 children and their families.

5000 kits Sponsors.

You have the power to save lives

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The 5000 kits documentation

#5000 kits, english

#5000 kits, français

#5000 kits, українська.

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The 5000 kits team

PSF Rhône-Alpes
Odette Pion - Jean Marc Schemitick

Marta Dropa - Nicolas Guérin

External Relations (F+GB)
Jean-Marc Decloitre - Pierre Tournemire

L'équipe du projet 5000 kits de premiers secours d'annecy solidarité ukraine et de pharmaciens sans frontières rhône-Alpes. Aide médicale d'urgence pour l'ukraine. Photo Geoffrey Bire.

Johanna de Tessières - Mariia Sobolevska (Ukrainian)

Photo Reporter Geoffrey Bire

Jean-Paul Clemente - Emmanuel Mieusset - Romain Desbrest

Together let's transform 5000 kits into 50000 kits

5000 kits begins in Annecy France. If you want, you can join us, you are welcome. We will be happy to share 5000 first aid kits project with you.

We have the the know-how to help you create 5,10 or 20000 additional kits. Our logistics make it possible to absorb a significant volume, it is already financed. Together we will be stronger, so let's work together, multiply 5000 kits.