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You have the power to save lives

5000 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) for Ukraine

Annecy Solidarité Ukraine

Citizen movement of the Annecy Basin, Annecy Solidarity Ukraine is composed of 400 volunteers.

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Pharmaciens sans Frontières Rhône-Alpes is a humanitarian association created in 1994. It is the financial guarantor of 5000 kits.

La  priorité est de sécuriser les blessés le plus rapidement possible. Il devient impératid de leur porter assistance dès la première minute. Annecy solidarité Ukraine, mouvement citoyen fabrique des trousses de secours contenant tous les éléments d’un kit IFAC, il est utilisé pour soigner les blessures hémorragiques graves crées par des balles ou des éclats d’obus. L’équipe médicale du mouvement organise les achats de composants tels que pansements, aiguilles, gazes, désinfectant, sonde nasale … Les donateurs qui financent le projet de trousses de secours sont plus de 105 personnes et 10 entreprises du bassin annécien et de la région.

Together, we will create, assemble, ship, and distribute 5000 emergency relief kits in Ukraine.

Your donations will be used to purchase the medical components of the kits. The transportation to Ukraine is already fully funded.

A donation of €1 =

€1 for Ukraine.

Kit de secours d'urgence.

5000 kits : A participatory project.

Annecy Solidarité Ukraine - 5000 kits - Projet Participatif

Composed of people from different backgrounds, Annecy Solidarité Ukraine combines talents. Our volunteers actively contribute to each project. Their work is fully participatory and free. During the first year of the war, their work amounted to more than 19,000 hours of volunteering!

Annecy Solidarité Ukraine allows everyone to feel able to be "useful to others".

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Annecy Solidarité Ukraine is a citizen collective born after the start of the war in Ukraine. We are now associated with many association partners for various actions of collection and delivery of aid to the Ukrainian population.


Annecy Solidarité Ukraine is now a collective of more than 3,000 people who follow us on social networks and who mobilize during food collections and truck loading.


500 KIDS food collection, MOUNTAIN collection of warm clothes,

10 tons of food for the 500 children of the theater of

Poltava. December 2022, 9 tons of food, 3 pallets of warm clothes,

a generator for refugee children in the region

from Cherson. 1 semi-trailer, i.e. 6,000 additional ski outfits in January 2023

The collection is present in Ain, the Alpes de Haute-Provence, the

Hautes-Alpes, Savoie, Isère, Haute-Savoie.

The students of License 3 Marketing and Communication have for project to develop the communication of the citizen movement Annecy-Solidarity-Ukraine. On Friday January 20, they brought together IAE students from the Annecy campus to participate in the development of 400 emergency kits for Ukrainians. VS


6,000 professional ski outfits collected across the whole of the Alps between December and January by the Annecy Solidarité Ukraine collective.


a new convoy is on the way and will make it possible to transport the 5,200 ski outfits that were collected this month by the volunteers of this citizen movement. A first convoy loaded with 800 ski outfits had already been organized on December 20, 2022, from several cities in Ukraine, thus depriving thousands of inhabitants of heating as the end of the year holidays approached. “Everyone knows that the winter was going to be difficult for the Ukrainian population. In this truck, already loaded with 33 pallets of cardboard boxes of clothes, "1000 emergency kits" are also transported. These kits – all assembled in Annecy, including 400 by students from the IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc


This morning I was able to salute the action of the volunteers of #Annecy Solidarité, who have been working for many months for the and who were hard at work in the cold to send 1,500 emergency care kits and clothes. routes to Ukrainian cities

5,200 ski outfits have been collected in recent weeks across the Alps, at the request of the Annecy Solidarité Ukraine associations and Guides sans Frontières. With the 800 outfits already shipped on December 20, this represents no less than 6,000 outfits for an amount of around one million euros. The departure of the convoy will take place tomorrow morning from 10:30 am on the Place du Mont Lachat in Annecy, in the presence in particular of the mayor and the president of Greater Annecy. No less than 110 tonnes of food have already been transported to the war zone by the Annecy Solidarité Ukraine association. Freeze-dried meals, food parcels and warm clothes were collected thanks to its 400 volunteers, its fifteen permanent staff and its 3,000 followers on social networks. In addition, 2,500 first aid kits will be sent between January and April 2023. No less than 110 tonnes of food have already been sent to the war zone by the Annecy Solidarité Ukraine association. Freeze-dried meals, food parcels and warm clothes were collected thanks to its 400 volunteers, its fifteen permanent staff and its 3,000 followers on social networks. In addition, 2,500 first aid kits will be delivered between January and April 2023.

The actions of the Annecy Impérial Lions Club and the 5000 kits project with Annecy Ukraine Solidarité. 2000 Ferrino survival blankets to the Annecy Solidarité Ukraine association. Did you know that war wounds quickly cause the injured person to die from hemorrhage if he does not receive emergency treatment? For this reason, each person who goes to fight receives training to learn how to stop bleeding and must be able to have a first aid kit. Ukrainian civilians who join the Territorial Defense do receive first aid training, but there are not enough kits available. Annecy Solidarité Ukraine has therefore launched a project to design and send first aid kits for Ukrainian territorial defense equipment.


Delivery of the first 500 kits.


Motohelp therefore becomes the owner of the first aid kits made up thanks to donations collected by the Annecy-Solidarité-Ukraine collective. The organization ensures transparency and monitoring of the correct distribution of the kits as close as possible to the needs in the field.


Return to Lviv and delivery of the last relief kits.


A stop by Ivano-Frankivsk, to load the last 500 kits arrived by semi-trailer to deliver them to Moto Help, Lviv, the same evening. The opportunity to greet Andrii from the CCI of Ivano one last time and collect letters of thanks from the town hall to French elected officials.


On February 24, 2022, everyone was in shock. I had only a few hours to prepare the car for my wife and three children, after watching the surreal images of these tanks crossing the border, at the gates of kyiv. 10… 20… 30… The Russians had stormed the airport of Hostomel at the gates of kyiv, preceded by the first bombardments. At that precise moment, no one knew if Ukraine would still exist the week after, we were in shock...


A week later, we knew Ukraine was going to survive… A semi-truck from France.


Attached to the hangar is already the semi-trailer chartered by Annecy-Solidarité-Ukraine and filled with medical and humanitarian equipment. Here is Slava, the truck driver who a few days earlier was in France loading aid from French towns, and the volunteers are now helping him unload donations and materials. In this trailer, the remaining 500 first aid kits and 5,500 winter outfits for civilian populations are waiting. The contacts are quickly notified and will be able to come and load the equipment to route it as close as possible to the needs.


At the late end of this day, and after a marvelous meal in a deserted place, one last night in this city of Ivano, which has become dark and silent again. Ukrainian relief.


Presentation of the various specialized rescue and assistance equipment. The vehicle is used for research in forested and mountainous areas of the Carpathians. Rescuers are also equipped with individual technical equipment similar to that used in France. The units must be versatile and responsive.

What about Pijota, the soldiers who draws from the trenche.

"One day, the artillery was brutal. But I didn't stop drawing, it calmed me down," says Ruslan Pijota, who has become famous with comics in which he portrays life on the war front.

Pijota is a member of the 113th Kharkiv Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces. He serves in this volunteer brigade, under orders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, since February 27, 2022, three days after the start of the Russian invasion. Until the war began, Pijota was responsible for designing three-dimensional children's books in a printing press. All his life he had drawn, as an amateur. "While at school the rest studied, I drew," he says with a broad smile that never leaves him. On May 6, 2022, National Infantry Day, the brigade commander asked his soldier for a drawing to commemorate the anniversary. And since then he hasn't stopped doing it. It has more than 100 vignettes, a work without artistic pretensions, but with exceptional relevance as a testimony: some have already been shown in exhibitions and published in Ukrainian reference media. But his most important audience is his comrades. Pijota draws a comrade in the Ukrainian position they defend on the border with Russia.